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25 Oct

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Searching for Sugarman II

5 Apr

Back in October of last year was the first time I heard about the American Singer/Songwriter Sixto Rodriguez and I posted about my discovery here. Last year I also heard that he was schedule to come out to Australia and play Bluesfest and also some side dates. And this week I was lucky enough to go and see his performance at a packed out Tivoli.

I thought I was getting there early at close to 8 o’clock but when I turned up the place was already packed. From my footing it felt like I was in a land of giants. I could barely see the stage and I was about a third of the way from the stage. The crowd was eclectic. There was a real buzz happening. The support and Rodriguez’s band for the evening, The Break, came onto the stage around 8.50pm. Blasting from the stage with their snappy surf rock tunes with an excellent backdrop of various video scenes. The first song was catchy and I was dancing around on the spot. But after five or six songs I was ready for them to introduce Rodriguez. That was the sentiments of the people around me too.

Eventually close to nine Rodriguez who is now partially blind was led onto the stage with a ROAR from the crowd! There is so much love for this performer. And then his warmth and comedy was discernable on stage as well. With every scream and every shout of love and adoration he returned with, “I know it’s the drinks, but I love you back.”

The setlist included lots of the favourites that I’d been playing by way the Documentary soundtrack including Sugarman, I Wonder, Crucify Your Mind. His voice is still the same. His lyrics wonderful. There were times when I had to tippy-toe to even see him. There were times when you couldn’t even hear his voice as the crowd chimed in especially on Sugarman. The band were at times helpful to fill out the sound, but sometimes they sounded a little out.

All in all a brilliant night. I’m so glad I got along.

Meanwhile my brother just returned from Byron Bay Bluesfest. So needless to say there are muchos tales of who he saw and how far he was from them. But on the plus side he was able to buy ‘early-bird’ tickets and he got me one. Now only 377 days to wait for the 25th anniversary weekend! Cannot wait.

Bluesfest 2014

Ps. I’ve been incredibly slack of late with my blog updates. I’m so sorry. I hope to remedy the situation starting with my post today. More to come…

Happy Oscars Day!

25 Feb

Welcome to Oscars night of nights for 2013. People are once again commenting in the media about the publics withdrawal from Oscars appreciation, but not for me! My workplace is certainly not brimming with enthusiasm, but I still can’t wait to get home tonight to watch in full the production from start to finish. Are you excited?

My predictions:

Best Picture: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence “Silver Linings Playbook”

Best Actor: Hugh Jackman “Les Miserables”

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway “Les Miserables”

Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones “Lincoln”

Oscar statue

Classic Film Friday

15 Feb


28 Jan

Remember this from two years ago? Guess what? We’re back into the territory of non-stop Breakfast Television coverage over the state of Queensland as the state is doing it all over again. It is different this time. The source of so much rain is being caused by a Cyclone from the  north of the state. We’ve been experiencing days of constant rain and as of yesterday and today, intense winds. It’s so gusty out there still. In two days S and I are heading to Sydney, so today I’m trying to get myself organised, and get clothes washed and attempt to get the clothes dry in time for our holiday!

Flood 2013

In the spirit of the weather, this clip from one of my favourite movies – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: