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Entirely obsessed

9 Jan

You’re probably faster to this fun band than I but I cannot stop listening and enjoying the dance moves of this song:

Color Decay – Junius Meyvant

4 Dec

I love this! I heard this on an NPR All Songs Considered podcast this morning and can’t stop listening to it. Podcast can be found here.

Uptown Funk

20 Nov

Retro Musical Fix

7 Oct

How did this pass me by – I present Morrissey’s version of the Patti Smith song Redondo Beach. Such a beautifully emotional rendition:

If you never listen to anything else this year…

1 Jun

And other corny ways of beginning a post.

But this band. I came across this band after a celebrity endorsement. The celebrity in question has proved her weight in gold by recommending me a few albums and bands that have proved to move me and enchant my ears.

Listen to this song by The War On Drugs and tell me you too are not enchanted. And it keeps getting better. The album I just want to put on repeat all day long. I’m not sure my workmates will feel the same way though:

Tune for Wednesday

5 Mar

This!! Isn’t this magnificent! I can’t stop listening to this. Why is everyone so ahead of me and my love for this band, and why has it taken me so long to get there?

Ear worm

25 Feb

Already listened to this song twice just now. Absolutely in love.