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Wagyu burgers, city views and Morrissey

20 Dec

What a whirlwind the weekend was – travelling travelling travelling, saying farewells, icky farewells. I hate airport goodbyes. Sure the hellos there are wonderful and loud and so full of expectation, but the goodbyes just drag. When it comes to saying goodbye to friends and family at airports I wish I could be cryogenically stored and just pass through the whole procedure without consciousness. Ugh. Anyway Monday was a strange day of being back at work and back into routine. Generally you get back into routine far too quickly and the holiday is just a blur and a dozen awesome memories. But Monday turned out to be better than expected. Back to work, fairly cruisey, new office, lots of welcome backs and then the anticipation of the concert in the evening.

I caught up with a friend before the concert down at Southbank at the Stokehouse. Was nice too. Relaxed, city views, warm temperatures, cool drinks, great burgers and chips. Delicious. Although they forgot our order and I started to stress about getting to the venue in time. So we scoffed the burgers. Mmmmm big steak burgers before a Morrissey gig? Irony?

N didn’t have a ticket yet, but whilst in line to buy one he got stopped by a scalper and offered a ticket for less than half price. Score! It was in GA however so we bid farewell and I caught up with the girls in my seated section. I was pretty glad to be hob-nobbing it with the more mature guests in the seats, but once Morrissey arrived on stage I was having second thoughts. I would have liked to have been closer to that man! During the performance I fell in love with him. Seriously that voice. It’s perfect. His demeanour on stage is so elegant. The way he flicks the microphone lead, and his sudden movements, the arch of his back, it’s all so fluid. But mainly it was his diction, and the poetry of his words. I could understand everything he sang. I love that. Highlights included – “You’re the one for me, Fatty”, “Everyday is like Sunday”, “How Soon is Now?”. And then out of nowhere it seemed, while he was inspecting a donation from the audience he launched into “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”. Oh Morrissey, I swooned.

Towards the end of his set he reached out and pulled a few people onto the stage to cuddle him. The security staff – both on stage and on the ground were incredibly quick to grab them after they had their second with Morrissey and practically threw them off the stage! It was pretty hilarious to watch.

My friend S told about a friends wedding she went to years ago in Spain where the Groom sang the Bride “You’re The One for Me, Fatty”. Brilliant! Most of the family were only Spanish speakers so didn’t get it, luckily.

Conclusion: I’m so glad I went. I was umming and ahhing over my decision for some time but I loved every second of it (maybe not the animal cruelty video that was played during “Meat is Murder”, yes I eat meat, no I hate animal cruelty) and wished he would keep on singing all night long! Note to Morrissey: please keep your shirt on! You’re not 25 anymore.

Morrissey and band

For more on the excellent gig take a look at this review.

Books in Brisbane!

24 Apr

Look what this fabulous website has done for you all, compiled a top ten list of bookstores in Brisbane. I think they got it pretty right. Check it out here.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

3 Apr

I went to see this movie a few weeks ago with a collection of friends and my brother who had seen it a few days earlier. When my brother agrees to see a movie he has already seen you know its a good sign. It’s a sweet movie with a collection of very good English actors. India looked fabulous although slightly cleaner than I imagine it would be. Maggie Smith’s character was hilarious with her overt take on life.  Sure it’s cheesy in parts, but it’s such a lovely heart-warming film I really loved it.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Cheap Fakes vs Buzz Lightyear

2 Apr

It’s been a big weekend! Did you have a nice one?

I spent time with friends, spent a day in Byron and Saturday night I went with my brother and my friend S to the album launch of Brisbane band the Cheap Fakes, a funk/reggae/dub group that I have talked about in this post back in November. They are tops. Perfect band to move your body to. My brother of course was with me last time I saw them. But I was very excited to “show” them to my friend. She is a lover of happy tunes. I thought she would be into them. Turns out she totally was! Seeing her happy smiley face opposite me as we were dancing out front of the band was a splendid thing. We danced non-stop to the wonderful tunes. They ran on stage and continued with such energy and showed off their repertoire. And it was a fantastic set. Highlights of the night: the amount of energy being poured offstage towards the excitable crowd, seeing how many people were loving the music, and seeing Buzz Lightyear dancing among the punters.Yes you heard right, one guy thought it was fancy dress. Despite the warmth inside the venue he persevered with the velcro fastened suit. S and I had to help him fix it a couple of times, and reattach his wings. In exchange we were lucky to get a cuddle. What is it with gigs lately and hugs?
My feet and legs were well and truly stuffed by the time we stumbled downstairs. Grabbed a copy of their new album “Hand Me Downs” on the way out. I’ve had it on repeat ever since. An excellent travelling soundtrack. I sometimes sit on the bus and fine myself tapping my foot or shaking my head to the beat.

What have you been listening to lately?

Open up the curtains wide, One day a year like this will see me right

26 Mar

So last night was the Elbow/Bombay Bicycle Club gig. What a splendid night it turned out to be. After checking set-times with the venue I arrived at quarter past seven. Most people there were spread out, much of the premium upstairs area was already taken. The bar was easy to get to, and some people were lounging around in the wings. So I pushed forward where the crowd was and got within five people to the front. The silly teens who were only there for the cute-ness of Bombay Bicycle Club (??) were enthusiastic and at times, annoying. But when Bombay got off stage, they soon followed leaving me with an opportunity to rush forward. So for Elbow I was only two back from the front.
I am fairly new to the Bombay Bicycle Club bandwagon. I have always found their album cute and fun. And that’s how they came across on stage – polished and fun. I felt they could let go a little more. But all in all, goodly.

Elbow entered the stage at about 8.30ish. The dynamic changed. Two violins started. The rest of the band came out a few moments later and they began with The Birds from their latest album, Build a Rocket Boys. And they were off. Guy Garvey, lead-singer, was all over the stage holding onto his cordless mic the entire night, singing directly to individual people. It felt personal and intimate. It was perfect. When I see such bands I always come away feeling spoilt. Almost like I don’t want to go and see any other bands, as they will not meet up to what I got from them. There is only a few on that list of idyllic bands – Wilco, Elvis Costello.

So all of you are welcome to chime in – ‘hate to say I told you so!’ I deserve it. To think I might have missed out! It’s not every day you get a cuddle from the lead singer of one your favourite bands!

Favourite tunes included Ground for Divorce, Lippy Kids and Starlings. I left feeling excited and giddy and with my ears ringing. They ended with ‘One day like this’ where the title of my post comes from. I can’t help but feel insanely happy after listening to it.

Marion’s Kitchen: The Test

5 Feb

Three sleeps out from the start of the Cleanse and I decided to use one of the kits from an ex-Masterchef contestant Marion Grasby. Getting food off my shelf that I won’t be able to eat come Sunday is always a good thing. Details of Marion’s range cane be found here. While I think it’s a bit of a cop-out that a chef would want to release a range of kit meals, I do also get that encouraging people to cook for themselves instead of buying take-out by making the process simple will always be a good thing. For myself – I don’t know, I guess the bright colours got me in.

I bought two kits. Monday night I cooked my friends the Thai Basil and Chilli with chicken and vegies and it was super easy and very tasty. So I decided to document the process of kit number two.

See cheery red package?

The box includes these individually wrapped parcels.

Fry the paste.

Notice the enthusiastic exclamation marks? I like the helpful steps on each parcel.

Stir together.

Add the herbs, the chillis and the fish sauce.

It’s really beginning to smell great. After this goes in, it’s a steady succession of adding the other key ingredients.

Marion suggests pumpkin and green beans, but I went for total ease and popped some frozen vegies in. Worked a treat.

For the choice of meat, I went with chicken breast.

Once all the ingredients are combined let it simmer for about eight minutes.

And then the final result, served with rice:

So the final account? Very impressed Marion. It was very tasty, I liked the number of elements in the final dish. I liked how simple it was. How quick it all came together. I was able to watch an episode of QI on I-View and even eat a little in front of the program. I got home at 7am and was well and truly eating by half past. I totally would endorse this kit meal especially for middle of the week dinners when you have little time on your hands.

Free Tickets!!

6 Jun

A couple of Fridays ago I went along with M who was reviewing a concert for Press Record Online and scored the second free ticket she had. In exchange all I really had to do was sit there in the second row and take in the spectacle of Karin Schaupp’s guitar skills, and Katie Noonan’s voice. Seriously, if I could sing as well as Katie I vowed I would never speak anything again.

For all my notes, I contributed nothing to the end result. But I felt pretty special there, seated in the dark, pen in hand writing bits and pieces. To read M’s glowing review check out here.