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They’re back!

29 Oct

Elbow that is, and this time the decision to go and see them wasn’t a struggle. No questions were asked. It was just a matter of buying the ticket and awaiting the date. And the date is tomorrow night. A fellow Elbow fan and workmate went to see them play the Opera House on the weekend. It was the first time for him, and he came back from it awe-struck and almost immediately purchasing a ticket to see them in Brisbane.

On his insistance I listened to the Desert Island Discs podcast featuring the frontman of the band, Guy Garvey this morning on the way to work.

Now I just want to stand there in the front row, a g and t in hand and soak in their sound.
Podcast can be found here.


Hottest 100 – my pick – Day I

7 Jan

In recent years I have become more and more upset with the outcome of Triple J Hottest 100 countdown day. Very few of my picks are featured and it’s usually heavily garnered with songs that I don’t like, genres that I don’t relate to. But this year I felt like I wanted to get involved again. So here are my picks. Let’s start, in no particular order, with Disclosure’s When A Fire Starts To Burn:

Songs that made 2013

6 Jan

Late last year I won two months subscription to MOG, the online music service. Day one I was hooked. I knew when my free period was over I would be signing on for more of their premium package. It’s perfect for my erratic desire to listen to music. As I travel to work in the mornings I can easily flick from vintage Bob Marley and the Wailers to the current crop including The XX and Chet Faker. So what else has been delighting me? I still do listen to the morning show with Zan Rowe on Triple J for new music as she is someone who seems to be on the same wavelength as me. And as I mentioned yesterday I love to listen to the podcasts from the NPR All Songs Considered website. They have true music lovers finding the best of the years tunes. They have introduced me to alot of my new favourite music.

As I mentioned earlier, Chet Faker is one of the ones I had heard much about but it took me a while to get around to listening to. This song I’m Into You is from his EP:

Another album I haven’t been able to stop listening to is Big Scary’s Not Art album. I feel bad for breaking it down to just one song because it’s all so good, but Phil Collins was the first of it I fell in love with so here it is:

There was a lot of chatter about Arcade Fire’s new album this year way before it was released. When I first heard the single Reflektor I was in awe and couldn’t wait for the album. Due to some unsavoury reviews my first listen was a bit sullied, but since then I have given it the attention it deserves.

There was so much more but I don’t want to drown you in music. What did you keep on pressing play on in 2013?

El festival de las peliculas espanolas

11 Jul

The 15th Spanish Film Festival is coming to Brisbane this month and I’ve been poring over my program and selected the films I want to see and dog eared the pages and informed my friend S. She’s put together our itinerary which means (all things going well) that we get to see ten of the total films being shown. I’m pretty excited. Next week is going to be huge as the festival runs from the 11-22 July and next Wednesday is the date of the Batman Trilogy Movie Marathon.

Someone mistakenly told me I would be movied out by the week’s close. How little do they know…

Have you seen the program? Anything taking your fancy?

Tune for Wednesday: Man or Muppet

29 Feb

This was one of the nominees for Best Song for the Oscar Awards on Monday night, written by Bret of Flight of the Conchords fame. I was pretty hopeful that it would take the prize and to screams of joy, it did. ┬áIt’s a great fun catchy song! A perfect choice for my Wednesday tune.

Goodbye Brighton Rd!

20 Feb

You still hold for me such fond memories. Driving down the street on the way to Annerley and away from you I felt sad. You’ve nestled me for my entire existence in Brisbane thus far. I’ve lived on two numbers on your street. You’ve spoiled me and loved me with your easy proximity to all that I wanted.

Thank you. It’s been fun. Goodbye.

Tune for Wednesday

25 Jan

The Shins new single. There is so much happiness in their music:

“There are two means of refuge from the misery of life – music and cats.”

16 Jan

That quote comes courtesy of Albert Schweitzer. Although torn between cats and dogs, I’ve always been more of a cat person. I love their independent nature. I love how many hours a day they can sleep. I love how they will find the best spot inside or out, warm and soft. I love their soothing purr. They make me happy. So I’m thrilled that my good friends, S and L, just received their furry little Burmese kitten this weekend! I got to have a snuggle with him on Sunday morning with breakfast. His name is Riga, named appropriately after the capital city of Latvia, a place that my friends fell in love with on a trip they made last year. Isn’t he adorable?

Tune for Wednesday

11 Jan

This is just so much fun, it should get your feet tapping!

Thursday night is Gig Night!!!

9 Jan

Beirut who hail from the US has been a favourite of mine for a few years now since they were introduced or at least alluded to by a couple of good friends from Sydney (thanks S and J). They have also been on my wishlist to see live for about the same amount of time. My friends saw them play in NYC and said they were fantastic.

I love their Gypsy Jazz, horn filled sound. And this Thursday they are in town and I am booked and going to see them at the Hifi in West End!!! So excited. Take a listen to their new single: