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Color Decay – Junius Meyvant

4 Dec

I love this! I heard this on an NPR All Songs Considered podcast this morning and can’t stop listening to it. Podcast can be found here.

Uptown Funk

20 Nov

Tonight – Brand New Heavies

6 Sep

And for today’s highlight – tonight I will be at the Hifi in West End experiencing the Brand New Heavies with friends. They have been a favourite band of my brother and knew I would have to head along since they are in town. Below is one song we’ve been listening to a lot of late:

Waiting List!

23 Aug

One of my favourite musicals of all time is South Pacific and I’ve just received word today that the production is coming to Brisbane in 2013!!! I guess the movie and the songs are even more special to me because my mum introduced musicals to me at a very young age, and this was among them. So even now I love to pull them out, watch and sing along!

If you want to be included on the wait-list details are here.