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Elbow – New York Morning

29 Jan

The latest single from one of my favourite bands ever:

Madness: A Memoir

27 Jan

I first heard of Madness: A Memoir on an episode of First Tuesday Bookclub where Toni Jordan was talking up her friends book. It sounded fascinating. One woman’s battle with mental illness. I’ve been long fascinated with what’s really going on in people’s brains. And never so much as when it comes to people battling horrible ailments.

The book was gritty. I don’t think I was prepared for it emotionally. I remember being horrified by the first chapter as Kate revealed on one night she had a brush with the voices in her head and how they were imploring her to sever her own arm off completely. It was gnarly story to begin with. The remainder of the book is her struggle, to realise how sick she really is, and to find a counselor that cared enough to help her. I remember getting off the bus one day after reading a few chapters and feeling ill.

She said she hoped people would be less likely to judge a “crazy” they saw in the street. Hopefully to make people aware of what people might be experiencing. Not just there to terrorise you when you’re walking the streets. They might need some serious help.

If you can handle this book I say it’s a must. What an eye-opener!

Hottest 100 – prediction…

26 Jan

And the song I think will take out the number one position in today’s Triple J Hottest 100 countdown:

Hottest 100 – my pick – day X

19 Jan

And just before voting ends I give you my number one of 2013 – Arcade Fire’s Reflektor. I’m pretty sad that their own gig in my state is today at Big Day Out on the Gold Coast. Sorry guys, I’m not going to mingle with those folks, even for you. Don’t worry, I still love you:

Hottest 100 – my pick – day IX

15 Jan

For today’s pick a little ditty I picked up and couldn’t stop listening once I’d heard it on JJJ. Grouplove with Borderlines and Aliens:


Hottest 100 – my pick – day VIII

14 Jan

I don’t know what it is about this song but it puts me in a trance and pretty soon I’m reaching for the repeat button. I present Big Scary’s Phil Collins:

Hottest 100 – my pick – day VII

13 Jan

That album cover of The National has been seared into my brain by the incessant talk about this band. The wonderful shot of the mirror with the head. It’s too hard to describe so this is it:

So finally after being worn down for so long I decided to give their album a listen and lo and behold, it does live up to the hype. Here is Demons: